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"Some people do not look at you with their eyes, but look at you through what others have said about you."

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i think sleeping together is romantic because you allow the other person to be near you when you’re most vulnerable and you trust that they wont kill you

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U.S. Martin Luther King Jr being attacked as he marched nonviolently for the Chicago Freedom Movement, 1966, which was the most ambitious civil rights campaign in the North of the United States, and lasted from mid-1965 to early 1967.

If only he’d been well-spoken, pulled his pants up and didn’t wear a hoodie… oop… wait…

Oh don’t forget what @blkdzn said about us needing to read books more lmao


 if you are having a bad day, take a look at this.

I guess i found my most favorite gif..



I’m actually concerned for boys who complain about how different girls look without makeup. Like did you think eyeshadow permanently alters a girls eyelid? Are you frightened when people change clothes

Babies have no concept of object permanence

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The disappointment in his face.

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